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Why Rooftight?

Your home tells the story of who you are... from the ground up. Rooftight believes your new home should be uniquely yours before you’re ever handed the keys.

Imagine the excitement and reassurance of sitting down with a talented team to customize a plan for the home you’ve always wanted. Every photo, every colour chip, every note from your favourite design show or idea board represented. A home that reflects your style in every room, and your family’s lifestyle from top to bottom. Something so personal calls for the right team of professionals to provide a tailored, smooth, enjoyable building experience.

From emerging trends to timeless, classic elements, Rooftight is proud to offer a personalized selection process with award-winning designer Michelle Reid, all in the comfort of our in-house inspiration studio. Michelle will guide you through your selections, providing opportunities to personalize your home at every stage without needlessly overwhelming you with an exhausting number of decisions.

These homes feature timeless architecture, modern amenities, and a level of craftsmanship that has solidified Rooftight’s reputation as Halifax’s most and sought-after respected builder.

A reputation for outstanding work isn’t established in a day. It takes years of careful attention to detail, industry-leading service, and a finished product that stands the test of time. That kind of craftsmanship starts at the foundation, finishes with the roof, and spreads by word of mouth from homebuyer to happy homebuyer.

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"The initial meetings with Rooftight were great; they answered all of our questions and had lots of ideas and advice to help guide our plans. Having Michelle help with the design choices was phenomenal."

Erin & Andy

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