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Our Process

This is how we provide your family with a Unique, Happy & Improved life.

Whether you’re building a downsized dream or your forever home — You might have questions.


You might be wondering:

How long does it take to build a custom home? How do I work with a builder to get everything I want? How involved do I get to be in the home building process? And when in the process do I get to pick my favorite things?

At Rooftight, we have a 4 step process that will take you from initial contract all the way through to your first night in your new home. Here you will learn the exact steps that we will go through as we collaborate on the development and creation of a home that suits your family’s needs.

Let’s get to it!



Rooftight Plan Designing

In-Person Meeting + Correspondence

1 hour + 10days

It all starts with you. Working with our Sales Team, we get to know you and how you live so we can help you choose from our library of designs and then make minor changes to suite your needs and desires. However, if you want a more customized one-of-a-kind home, we got you covered! We now offer a Design Program that allows you to hold the lot of your dreams so you can take the time to work with our designers and truly design your Dream home until it is perfect! Then we finalize your pre-construction contract and begin the next phase of your design


Rooftight Lifestyle & Design Planning

In-Person Meeting/Virtual Meetings

4-6 weeks (3 x 2 hours)

Wondering how you should make your backsplash pop and interior stand out?When it is time to create the interior experience you want in your home, our dedicated, award-winning designer will contact you to begin this exciting process. Over a relaxing cup of coffee in our entire room of samples and her guidance, we’ll work with you to finalize the finishes, installations and more during these three collaborative sessions over the next 4-6 weeks.



Homebuilding Process

The Rooftight Design Team

TBD on Blueprint

It’s time to lay the bricks, put up some walls and for you to relax while we work our magic. Over the next several months (the exact timeline depends on your home), we’ll meet with you regularly to go over progress and work away at bringing your home to life. Our Rooftight design and development teams make sure you never feel in the dark.


Join The Rooftight Family

The Rooftight Design Team

TBD on Blueprint

It’s time for the big day! It’s time to take your keys, cherish the moment and start a new chapter in your new home. It’s also at this point where you become part of the Rooftight Family. Not only are we going to be connected through your home, but we offer a service plan through our Rooftight 5 Year Whole Home Warranty to help you with any performance issues that may arise.

Because when you’re part of our Rooftight family - we take care of you.

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