Homeowner Stories

We started our journey with Rooftight over a year now, when we made the decision to move and build our family home. I must admit, we were a little apprehensive when we decided to build again due to some poor decisions we had made previously.
However, from the first conversation we had with Scott, and the first consultation with Michelle we were blown away by their knowledgeable, honest, caring approach to building a home. We immediately felt comfortable trusting the team at Rooftight to build our home.
As mentioned, were a bit nervous starting the process, however, those nerves were quickly put at ease and the process quickly became seamless. Scott, Brandon, and Michelle took the time to guide us through each phase of building and designing our home by answering countless questions. Michelle has an amazing ability to get to know the clients sense of style, likes/dislikes, and provide recommendations and guidance that results in a beautiful stunning home. 
I don’t know if I have met anyone who cares more about the customer than Brandon. As the completion of our home neared, we had the pleasure of dealing with Brandon more frequently to help put all the final pieces together. There was no task too big, no task too small. Brandon was there answering phone calls and texts within seconds. Despite our best efforts, on our final walk-through we couldn’t find one deficiency!! Largely due to Brandon’s countless efforts.
So here we are at the end of it all. We started this journey with Rooftight with a call from Scott expressing how much he wanted to build our home, and we are so glad he made that call. We wake up every day loving our home. We truly couldn’t be happier. Thank you to the entire Rooftight family, Scott, Michelle, Brandon, Rosemary, Holly and Chris. We are proud to now be a part of the Rooftight family.

Andrew, Jill, Levi, & London

From the start, we felt very good about building with Rooftight and in St. Andrew's West because we could tell that Scott and the team had a well thought out plan for the subdivision and it was exactly the look and feel we wanted. The Design Centre was another very positive feature, after touring the house we could tell the Rooftight team paid close attention to the details and built beautiful homes, inside and out! It was also a very convenient meeting spot; being able to look at house plans and samples at the Design Home rather than trying to visit multiple suppliers (with our new baby in tow) made the task exciting rather than stressful.

The initial meetings with Scott and Michelle were great; they answered all our questions and had lots of ideas and advice to help guide our plans. Having Michelle help with the design choices was phenomenal. She figured out very quickly what we liked and what we wanted in the house, and she was able to point us in the right direction and narrowed down our choices to a manageable amount. Chris was a great site manager; he was organized and very helpful. He took us through the site regularly and kept us in the loop on how things were progressing. He worked very well with the trades and even finished our house early!

We're very happy you received the builder of the year award... we think you deserve it!

Erin & Andy

We are really enjoying living in Fall River, in the house in particular. We have owned a number of other homes and this has definitely been the nicest.

The O'Keefe's

As this was our first build, we had lots of questions. I was amazed by how quickly we got replies to emails and the sense of pride that the Rooftight crew had during the build. It was so nice to be able to stop in along the way and see the progress.

Natalie & Patrick

This was our third house that we built and we have used three different builders. It was by far the best experience. Michelle and Jimmy were a pleasure to work with and always friendly and accommodating. It was very nice to have such a large selection of flooring and lighting to choose from. Having Michelle to help out during this process was a real bonus. We would not hesitate for a second to build with Rooftight again.

Debbie & Chris

The team at Rooftight was very enjoyable to work with. They offered good choices as standard options so that we did not have to upgrade everything in order to have a good-looking house. Michelle offered interior-decorating support to help make decisions quicker and easier. The Rooftight team offered flexible meeting times to accommodate our schedules, respected our budget, worked with us to get the best value out of our money, and to get what was important to us. If we were to build again, we would build with Rooftight.

Amy & Craig

We truly enjoyed working with the Rooftight team in building our new house. It was a full package deal with customer service beyond expectation all the way. This is house number 6 for us and we are absolutely pleased with the outcome. The Rooftight team has made this a truly amazing experience. During the entire 7 months, the team made it extremely easy to view the house whenever we asked and answered all the questions we had. It is a one-stop shop, which avoided us running around stores trying to find what we wanted to make it our own. In the end our house turned out to be exactly what we had hoped for and this is all because of their caring and customer focus attitude. Rooftight provides a service like no other and we thank you for that indeed. We haven't seen any other that provides an all around service like Rooftight does and it makes it so much easier and pleasing. We will recommend Rooftight at every opportunity we have, since an experience like this should not go without mention!

Joan & Peter

We really enjoyed all of the Rooftight team. Scott is the powerhouse who does all the wheeling and dealing, Michelle, is a mind reader/designer! She guides you through the part that you will be living with and does it with great success. Then we have Jimmy, the man who is the constant in all of this, the problem solver, the fixer, the person who constantly and calmly reassures us that all will be well, and it is! A fantastic team!

The whole team took part and also allowed us to take part in the design, building and finishing of our house. We felt it was really our house all along, right from the first shovel-full to the hand over. It was a positive, energizing experience! We are very happy with our house, both its design and the care and skill used in building it. Our house is a source of great pride!

Donna & Parker

When we were deciding on a new home, we did a lot of shopping around. However, once we met with Rooftight, the decision was a no brainer. We could easily see that this team was real. The conduct, customer service, and their warm personalities are the main reasons we were so drawn to them. During the build of our home, Scott, Jimmy, and Michelle always made themselves available to show us the property when we wanted to see it, and to answer any questions we had. It was such a pleasure to do business with a team that has such a high level of integrity. They told us they would deliver and they did, and in many areas went above and beyond. We have been in our home for a few months now and we love the quality, design and location. We still continue to maintain a great relationship with the Rooftight team, and if we ever build a house again, there is no doubt that Rooftight would be our builder.

Lisa and Stephen

From the moment we walked in the Design Centre and met with Scott and Michelle, to picking out our lot, through to the day of closing, the process has been completely enjoyable. We have built homes in Nova Scotia and Alberta with other contractors and have never experienced the ease and enjoyment that we have with Rooftight. Michelle is worth her weight in diamonds...not gold!!!

Scott is obviously a brilliant and great man because it reflects in his team, from Michelle, Chris and Jimmy...through to the trades people he chooses to work on his projects. Any concerns or issues that Bill and I addressed were dealt with both timely and professionally. We always felt that any concern we had during construction was a priority with the Rooftight team.

We are looking forward to building again with Rooftight in a few years. Just want to enjoy and love the new home we are in now!! We fall in love with it all over again, every time we come home!!!

Tracy & Bill

After 9 years away from home, living in very isolated northern communities, Sarah and I were very excited to build our dream home. We had spent many cold winter nights dreaming of our home and had very specific plans and ideas. The last thing we wanted was a cookie cutter home. We wanted a home that would suit our family's lifestyle and needs along with a home that we would be proud to raise our children in.

With all these expectations, the next question was, who do we get to build this home and will they meet our high expectations? After doing lots of research with little success I stumbled across the Rooftight website which immediately drew my attention. I could immediately tell that there was something special about this company. The style and craftsmanship was like nothing else I had seen. I called the phone number on their website and spoke to Michelle for the first time. After speaking with Michelle about our dream home I was positive that we would be having Rooftight build our home. We expected that building our home from the other side of the country would pose some headaches but we could not have been more wrong. Michelle and the Rooftight team were more than accommodating and before we knew it our dream house was being built. We were realistic and knew that during the process of building a custom home from scratch issues were bound to pop up. Throughout the 6 month build we were very surprised at how easy the process was which is a testament to the builder. The very few issues that we did encounter during the process were easily rectified and Rooftight was professional and fair. The day we finally took possession of our new home was a dream come true for us and it did not disappoint. The Rooftight quality and attention to detail was more than evident and continues to impress. Our family cannot thank Rooftight enough for our experience and we will continue to praise them to any other families in the market for a custom home. A job very well done!!!

Jeff and Sarah

Dear Jim,

A big thank you to you and your team for building a great home at 67 Gallery Crescent and for service provided during the purchase and at the pre-closing. It's always nice to work with professionals who take pride in their work.

Sylvia Large, Realtor

When it came time for us to build our dream home we knew immediately we would be building with Rooftight. We have known Scott, Michelle and Chris for quite some time and from the very beginning, what stood out to us the most was how they all took the time to really get to know our family. By taking that time, they knew exactly how to custom build our home to fit our personalities and our lifestyle.

Scott knew the neighborhood we wanted to build in and he did everything in his power to make it happen for us. Michelle's passion is design and her work is her masterpiece! She knew the exact look we wanted to achieve and the results are stunning. She made every decision fun and easy. Chris and Jimmy were always willing to take us through our home and they loved sharing the progress. And of course Rosemary is friendly and warm personality made us feel right at home.

Every step of the build process was seamless and effortless from our end. The Rooftight team always went above and beyond to ensure that our needs were being met. They made us feel like family and the level of effort they put into building our home was the same as if they were building their own. As first time builders we are blown away by our experience, it was fun, enjoyable and exciting. Words cannot express how grateful we are to Rooftight, they built the home of our dreams but more importantly they built a home where our family will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank You Rooftight!


I was honestly teary eyed when I walked in to my new home, we have been working so hard and living in chaos for the past month and knowing that this beautiful home is awaiting us is the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so happy we decided to take a cruise out to the showhome that day, we had no intentions of buying a house here and didn't even know if we would stay in NS forever, maybe a few years uproot and move again. Your homes changed our path and we are so happy to provide our kiddies a forever home to make memories and grow in. A stable childhood with no more moving (after this one of course lol) and working with all of you has been one of the coolest experiences having such a handprint in our dream.

Thank you so much!!


In 2016 I sold my home of 16 years and found myself looking for new home with a very short deadline. Honestly I was very nervous at first because Id left a very beautiful custom built home and wondered if I could find something that Id be happy with, without much of my own design input. After viewing numerous homes for sale, I walked into a Rooftight open house, (of the home I eventually purchased), and immediately knew it was the one for me. Since moving in, whoever comes into my home, without fail, remarks that there is a certain sense of "calm". This is exactly how I felt when I first walked in. The attention to details, colors, types & size of windows, lighting, textures, flow of the rooms, all contribute to the livability and peacefulness in this home. Notably, "details" are very important to this builder, which give the home a "custom" and contemporary feel, to which Michelle Reid can be given much credit. It is obvious that having this added design research has made a difference in the types/quality of homes Rooftight builds. Even down to the size of the very generous deck - not sure I would have noticed initially but certainly after living here now through a summer, it was very important - and something most other builders don't do, as evidenced by most of the homes around me. One gets a sense that building high quality, beautiful homes is Scott Smith's personal objective, not just a marketing spin. Working with Scott Smith and Michelle Reid has been has been an excellent experience, both through the purchase negotiation and closing. They are very professional, very accessible and follow up consistently on questions/requests. Often "after sale" issues can be frustrating to deal with, but I would not hesitate to say that any issue (normal with a new home) I have encountered, even a small detail like changing an inaccessible light bulb, has been dealt with in a respectable time frame and by competent and professional trades.

I would highly recommend Scott and his team at Rooftight to anyone looking for a new home construction build.


Rooftight is a highly skilled professional company with all of the disciplines in house to provide the homeowner with a wonderful custom home building experience.

From the purchase of the property, through the home design, construction, closing, and warranty work, the knowledge and experience of the team comes though loudly in the finished product.

I am very happy with my new home and thank the skilled and thoughtful people at Rooftight.


It has been quite the exciting week for myself, Beth and the kids and extremely busy to say the least. I just wanted to say to all involved including all the trades and suppliers "Thank You So Much." You guys are truly exceptional at what you do and put a lot of time and attention into the small details that really set your homes apart from the others.

Thank you for making building a house exciting and stress free. Thank you for caring and listening. Thank you for having the patience and understanding for our vision. You've truly built an exceptional custom home that we get to come home to and say "wow, I can't believe we live here" each and every single time.

From myself and Beth, thank you again. (Can't say that enough) And although we will miss the exciting process of building, we will definitely enjoy our new home and community in St. Andrews West.

Jessie & Beth

We have been in our dream home for almost 4 years now and haven't had a single complaint from day 1. We fell in love with the community of St.Andrew's west and the style of homes in the area when looking to build. Rooftight was recommended to us by a friend who knew they were building most of the homes in the area we were interested in. From our very first meeting, we felt like family. Meeting with Michelle was so exciting and having her there was a tremendous help. Chris was also so amazing to help with any questions we had a long the way. We have recommended rooftight to several friends, some of which have also built with them. Fast forward to 4 years after closing and we are still beyond thrilled with our home and Scott and Chris still help us whenever needed, even though we aren't current builders. We felt like we were apart of the rooftight family and now we have a whole new family in our neighbours. We've built friendships that will last a lifetime and cannot imagine living in a different home or neighborhood. Scott, Michelle, Chris and the entire rooftight team will ensure you're happy with your build at every step along the way and that you remain happy for years to come. Stop looking because you will not find a more reputable team to help you with this journey. We're forever grateful.

Stacey and Ryan

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